Pepper and Nuthin


(This letter appeared in an Ann Landers column in April 1994.)




            Dear Ann Landers:  After reading the letters about a surviving pet’s reaction to the loss of its partner, I had to write.

            My dog, Pepper, and my cat, Nuthin, had been raised together.  When Pepper died eight years ago, Nuthin refused to come into the living room. She spent all of her time asleep on the pillow she shared with Pepper.

            I had Pepper cremated, and two weeks later, the ashes where delivered in a small box, which I put on the bottom shelf of my bookcase.  That night, Nuthin came into the living room and sniffed around until she spotted the box.  She then sat on top of it, purring.  Later, Nuthin curled up at my feet, in my bedroom for the first time since Pepper had died.  It was as if she knew Pepper was home again.

            When Nuthin died last May, I had her cremated and the ashes put in the same blue urn with Pepper.  Today, it sits on the bookcase, and no one knows what is inside.  But I know they will always be together, and that gives me enormous comfort.          –Julie in Minnesota.    


            Dear Julie:  Your letter really moved me.  I’ll bet many of my readers were also teary-eyed.  Thanks for writing.  Nuthin sounds like “somethin” to me.