Things You Can Do

            Knock on doors and talk to people who live and walk in your neighborhood.  This way you will have more people aware your pet is missing and keeping an eye out for it.

            Make a flyer with a clear photo of your pet and a phone number(s).  Hand these out and post them in a wide variety of locations that people frequent ( fast food restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores), as well as to all animal shelters, dog control agencies, veterinarians, groomers, trainers and pet stores.

            Go to all shelters and governmental agencies that pick up lost and stray animals. DO THIS AT LEAST EVERY OTHER DAY.  Records are not always up to date.  Your description of your pet and that of the shelter may differ. There is no substitute for personal observation.

             Keep in Mind:  

            …Many dog control agencies do not have the facilities to keep an animal for more than a few days, then, they might turn the animal over a shelter.

            …Your pet may not picked up for several days.

            …Someone may take your pet in for a period of time, hoping to locate its owner, before turning it over to a shelter.

            Put an ad in the local paper.

            Contact local rescue organizations.

            Put an ad in one of the national missing pet websites (see below links)

            …..Sad, but Practical:  Check with the City and County Highway Departments (or which ever departments are responsible for picking up animals killed on roadways), within 25 miles of where the pet was lost or stolen. Some shelters and animal control agencies maintain a list of dead animals.

            REMEMBER to remove flyers and “lost ads” when your pet is…HOPEFULLY...found.




http://nationalmissingpetalert.bravehost.com/contacts.html     Read page then scroll down to bottom and click on “Enter My Forum”        Post a message about a missing pet/read about missing pets

http://www.missingpets.com/    Post a message about a missing pet/read about missing pets