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Feeder Features

This is the only feeder your dog will need from puppyhood through old age.

Height: 29"
Width: 23 1/2"
Base: 15" x 15" x 1", 6 lbs.
Total Weight: 12 lbs.

Bowls: heavy-duty 3 qt, mirror finish, stainless steel with paw print design. The metal frame that holds the bowls adjusts to allow the bowl bottoms a range of 4 1/2" - 25" from the floor.

Many veterinarians and dog food experts are now recommending elevated feeders for medium and larger size dogs. (Suggested feeding height is approximately 4" lower than the dog's shoulders, or approximately "mid-chest".)

Advantages for Dogs of All Ages:
...help maintain a healthy posture
...reduce ingested air, which may reduce burping and other gas release
...aid in digestion
...eliminate stress on neck and back muscles
...help keep crawling insects out of their bowls

Advantages for Pups:
...helps reduce "toeing out", which puppies tend to do to maintain balance when              bending to eat at floor level
...sturdy, stable 6 lb. base makes it difficult to tip over
...pups are less able to play in their water

Advantages for Older Dogs:
...aid in eating and drinking comfort for older, arthritic dogs

Miscellaneous Advantages:
...stainless-steel bowls can be easily sanitized in the dishwasher
...PVC base and pole can be easily cleaned with mild soap and non-abrasive cloth.        feeder can be easily
   moved by grasping pole with one hand and lifting
..."cross-shape" base design allows for placement along a straight surface
   or in a corner
...this feeder can be used from puppyhood through old age

Unable to find a suitable adjustable feeder for my Great Pyrenees, I developed this feeder. Along with the feeders manufactured for my dogs, and those of some friends, I decided to make a few available to the general public to determine if there is an interest in a quality-built, elevated feeder with a wide adjustment range. As a test market special, these feeders are being offered at my cost for manufacturing, packaging and Pay Pal processing. This cost price is $79.82. Based on shipping charges for the 14 lb. weight of the packaged feeder, there is a flat shipping fee of

If you have any questions, please contact me, Suzanne Phillips, at 585-621-5734 or suzannep@rochester.rr.com


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Rosewood Rip Roarin’ Riggs
10 weeks old

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Rosewood Rip Roarin’ Riggs
10 months old


Picabo's Earndt R Heart
Landseer Newfoundland


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