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Finding A New Home For Your Pet:

If a situation develops that you no longer can keep your dog there are vital steps that you can take to help insure placement into a safe and loving home.

Unfortunately, there are people who answer “free to a good home” ads who are very friendly and persuasive and know all the “right” answers.  Their ulterior motive is seeking a profit from passing acquired dogs on to labs to be used in research, used to train fighting dogs, used as breeding stock in puppy mills, used as bait for larger animals or sacrificed in cult rituals.

The below links provide information to insure the safety and welfare of your pet when he is no longer in your care.

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Of particular interest:
..How to Evaluate a Prospective Pet Adopter
..The Tragedy of "Free to a Good Home"
..Pet Adoption Agreement

Most important to keep in mind is that not all people trying to adopt your pet have good intentions. Adopting a pet from an unsuspecting person is one of the ways people who train fighting dogs obtain "bait".
Always ask for recommendations, including the name of their current veterinarian so you can check to determine this will actually be a safe and loving home for your pet.

You hold the welfare of this animal who trusts you in your hands, please honor that trust by doing your best to insure he is going to a good and appropriate home.


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