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Goodbye Jonah

Great Pyrenees Rescue
Middleville, MI

 Notes: Jonah came into rescue in 1999 at 86 lbs., heartworm positive, bald with open oozing sores, exposed to parvo, infectious kennel cough and filled with parasites. He spent 21 days in a shelter. Because of his parvo exposure, he then spent another 21 days in quarantine, with a smile on his face. Several families looked at him, but didn't see the amazing eyes and gentleness in his sole that I did, so I decided of all the rescues, he was the one to become a family member.

Jonah left us yesterday (7/5/05). 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, and though we thought we had a couple of months, our time was cut even shorter. Please look past rescue dogs' imperfections like matted coats, disfigurements, age or color. You never know what is beneath that coat of fur. Jonah welcomed 100's of rescues into his home, visited nursing homes, schools, adoption events and has left a huge hole in my heart. I can only hope that others will be so lucky as to adopt an imperfect dog and be blessed to experience unconditional love & devotion these animals are willing to give. As you can see by the photo, Jonah topped out at 135 lbs, and his supposedly ugly bald fur turned into one of the most luxurious coats I've even seen.

Dear Jonah, It is the week after Christmas and I just took in my 1st rescue since you left me. I can't look at her without seeing your kind eyes. I'm not sure if I am ready, so please help me through this............Mom

Jan '06 update: She was a sweetheart and in an awesome home.



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