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National Great Pyrenees Rescue www.nationalpyr.org

National Great Pyrenees Rescue works with many smaller Pyr rescue groups to help facilitate Pyrs and Pyr mixes being placed in loving and appropriate homes. This site also includes a listing of Pyr rescue groups all over the country. Over 1000 Pyrs and Pyr mixes were rehomed last year by National Great Pyrenees Rescue and our affiliated rescue network.
We believe in Rescue without Borders, unlike some groups who are only able to rescue and place dogs within a certain geographic area. Unlike many breed rescue groups, we believe that "mixes" (Pyrs who are not pure bred) are wonderful dogs and worthy of good homes.
See the top 10 reasons there is a great and urgent need for Pyr rescue.
NGPR has compiled the most accurate, up-to-date list of Pyr rescue organizations available, using color coding when possible to indicate rescue group category and level of effectiveness. Please note that National Great Pyrenees Rescue is not responsible or liable for any business or activity related to any of these contacts. The color-coded rescue group rankings are based on adopter and rescue experience, and are subject to revision. Not all groups are coded. These contacts are provided for informational purposes only. 
Please consider donating to these poor sweet dogs who are so badly in need of medical assistance. 
Please consider becoming a member of National Great Pyrenees Rescue. NGPR is a not-for-profit corporation based in New York, and has 501(c)(3) status which means your membership contributions are fully tax-deductible.    Members will receive our bi-monthly E-newsletter with updates about our rescue activities. You can easily join online by going to our "become a member" link.
Medical expenses consume the largest part of our budget, accounting for 70% of costs; boarding and transport account for an additional 20%. The remaining 10% is for the misc. costs related to operating. We are an all volunteer group with no one receiving financial compensation.
Please consider visiting our "become-a-volunteer" page to see the many ways you can help.  Like all rescues, we are desperate for people to help foster, transport, do home visits, provide computer skills etc.
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