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Rawhide Chew Treats: Before giving one of these treats to your dog, remember that they have gone through chemical processing. Also, take a chunk of rawhide and put it in water- it expands!!!  If your dog were to swallow a chunk, it could cause your dog to choke or it could expand in the stomach and block the pyloric sphincter.

Greenies: According to http://www.optimumchoices.com/Greenies.htm, One of the dangers of Greenies is that some dogs gulp down whole Greenies or pieces of Greenies and choke to death or the Greenie fails to be digested further down in the digestive tract. However, even dogs that chew Greenies properly have been killed by them. It appears that Greenies do not always break down in the stomach or intestines like other foods do. One website owner reports of doing a digestion test by agitating Greenies with vinegar and finding that they did not break down, even after many hours. While this is not a scientific test, it matches the results found in some dogs that have been harmed by Greenies.

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