RESCUE: Volunteer Opportunity From: Sandy White
Subject: Re: [PYR-L] CHAT:RESCUE: Volunteer Opportunity

There is a huge need for volunteers in Great Pyrenees Rescue in every state. There are lots of ways to help.

The need for volunteers to foster a rescue Pyr is the most crucial. Depending on your comfort zone, you could foster dogs straight from the kill shelter. Or you could foster dogs after they have completed the quarantine period and have been evaluated by an experienced foster.

There is also a crucial need for people to help with adoptions. Each applicant is asked to complete an application. Their is a home check to inspect the fencing and make suggestions on ways to make it Pyr-proof. Depending on the rescue group, there may be vet reference checks or a telephone interview.

Some groups hold adoption days at PetsMart, PetCo, or Tractor Supply. Volunteers are needed to talk with people about Pyrs and to supervise the Pyrenees in attendance.

There are an infinite number of ways that computer literate volunteers can contribute. The digital camera has totally changed the rescue world.

So, please everyone, if you ever wanted to help. Contact your local Pyr rescue and volunteer. The summer vacation crush of abandoned Pyrs is in full swing. All the rescue groups need help.

If you need a contact name in your area, please see the rescue list on the Great Pyrenees Club of America web page ( or write to me

If you are in Texas, I would be delighted to hear from you to help Houston Great Pyrenees Rescue, or to give you a referral to a group closer to your home.


Sandy White
Houston Great Pyrenees Rescue
volunteer for Saving Pyrs in Need, SPIN, Inc. Dallas, Ft. Worth, East Texas volunteer for Heart of Texas HOT Great Pyrenees Rescue Austin, Hill Country, San Antonio

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